The DigitalCrafts Project Database

Name Short Description Group Members
ShowHunter MKII Full Stack Refactor of Original Showhunter App Ben Governali ATL Imm 4/2019
Spaghetti Man Spaghetti man is a Pygame written in Python where the main character is able to travel around the screen and lob meatballs at his enemies. Igor Popenov ATL Imm 4/2019
Book Review App Book review app that allows user to add books and leave comments/reviews Igor Popenov ATL Imm 4/2019
Geriatric Joyride A pygame for colliding sprites that incidentally spans generations Jonathan Ray ATL Imm 2/2019
ShowHunter Front End project. User inputs a band they like and it queries Spotify for an array of 20 related artists. Then it requests events in Atlanta for those 20 artists from Ticketmaster and generates cards for them. Ben Governali, brodie brock, Pierson Scarborough ATL Imm 4/2019
Digitalcrafts Project Database A database for hosting basic info and links for Digitalcrafts student projects. Ben Governali, Evan McCoy, Igor Popenov ATL Imm 4/2019